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Boredom was her constant state of being at this point. She had allowed herself to be tossed by the waves of the Sea, sometimes taking refuge on a few scraps of seaweed as a temporary boat. At this rate, she was going to rust away. 

Or so she thought, until she felt a powerful jolt from a nearby Fragment. Her eyes widened as soon as she recognized that wavelength. This sort of energy- it could only be a Witch. 

She dove in, scattering herself through the atmosphere of the Fragment itself until she came across the source of that energy, a feline yawning into its paws. 

"You," she said, materializing before it, "don’t seem like a Witch. Or am I wrong?"

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emeraldsorcerer inquired:

I'd been considering reading Higanbana for quite a while now, but I think reading your post sent me over the edge and I'm gonna get into it pretty soon. That said, while I like the visual novel medium more than manga personally, I wanted to ask your opinion on which is better in Higanbana's case. I might stretch for the manga version if the visual novel version is really really awful or something like that.

There is no ‘better’. I don’t think that one can be really picked over the other. The VN gives a more complete story, but the manga picks up on that and adds important details to both the story and characters. 

However, there are some things to be said about the manga. One, it’s not complete in english. Two, since the artist died, not all of the chapters in the VN were able to be completed in manga form, so they kind of skipped all the way to the last chapter of the VN. So! That being said, I think you should read the VN first, and then the manga. 


cruelest witch in the world.

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Anonymous inquired:

I know this is stupid and all, but whatever. So, mun and Lady Bernkastel, what do you think of Ryukishi07 and 07th Expansion and every work that they have done? Be honest and take your time.

[Okay, I’m going to have Bern not answer this, just because she hasn’t travelled to every one of these Fragments, and would straight up not answer the Higurashi question. Also, her views are pretty negative overall, and there’s a huge divide between her answers and mine.

So Umineko is obviously my favorite. It’s one of my favorite series overall, surpassing just about everything else. It’s engaging, compelling, and even though Ryukishi abuses the ellipses for dramatic effect, well written. Umineko is one of the few series that I feel for every one of the characters, even those I should think of as absolute scum. So that’s at the top.

Next would be Higanbana. Personally, I struggle with depression (even though I may not seem it), so a lot of the things that are said in Higanbana really, really resonate with me. As it’s been said many times, it’s one of Ryukishi’s obviously darker pieces, and is a venting exercise, and while a lot of people don’t like the fact that it involves suicide and depression, I honestly like that about it. Let’s face it, the severity of such things are glossed over very often, and I sort of like how brutally harsh Higanbana is about these subjects- and the fact that in the end, it’s a happier resolution that I feel many people tend to miss. 

Thirdly would be Higurashi. As much as I love the characters of Higurashi, and, sometimes I feel that I shouldn’t have watched the anime first and read the VN. It is a story of overcoming hardship and relying on belief and your friends, and while sometimes it is ridiculously shonen at times (Matsuribayashi, cough), it’s presented very nicely. I just prefer Rika and Rena to K1 doing his thing, so the focus on K1 kind of dilutes the story for me at times. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good!

Lastly, would be Rose Guns Days. I wasn’t really impressed with it at all, really. Rose came off as bland and uncompelling (which is a shame, because Ryukishi’s women are usually very good?), and I didn’t really feel for many of the characters. The overt nationalism made many people uncomfortable, and as someone both American and Japanese, it made me very uncomfortable. I like the interactions between characters more than the characters themselves (Amanda-Caleb-Miguel and Stella-Meryl), and the only people I like standing alone are Meiju and Amanda? So I wouldn’t recommend Rose Guns Days, sadly.

As for Ryukishi himself- I like him a lot. He’s a fun person and a very good writer, and I eagerly anticipate every one of his works. He does seem a little self-conscious at times, but sometimes I feel that’s because the majority of the fans can be vey cruel to him when he does something they personally dislike, which is sad, really. But I like Ryukishi a lot, and I’d love to attend one of his panels one day.]


Anonymous inquired:

Bernkastel, your wisdom is rather immense, so tell me-- watermelons. Why are there no firemelons? Earthmelons. Why don't the gods create the elemelons? -- Love, Shikei

Because watermelons are comprised of generally water. If you want a combustible melon, then I suppose you could call them firemelons. Earthmelons would be filled with dirt, if you want a muddy aftertaste in your fruit.

As for your last question- if you really want your head blown off after eating a highly volatile melon- then be my guest. The age of genetic engineering is upon you humans, after all. 


[I’m going to be emptying my drafts out in the next few days so- 

New followers! If you’d like to have a starter, just say the word!]


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That haircut reminded Ryoko of a certain someone, but it did not deter her trust. As far as she knew, this was some stranger that had accidentally wandered too far. But to come up to this floor of the school and in such an outfit… This was fishy.

"For starters, you’re in a school. North High School, miss." She wasted no time in answering. "The day just ended right now, so people are either heading home or staying behind for club activities. I just finished my class representative duties a bit ago. I am Ryoko Asakura of class 1-5."

The girl looked like she could maybe pass off as a student. She could very well be at the same supposed age as Ryoko herself or a few years older. It was hard to tell at the moment.

What she could tell was that this young woman was giving off a very unique feed of data. “Do you live around here? I think I would have noticed someone like you in the neighborhood before, but Nishinomiya is a very big place after all…”


"Good day and thank you, Miss Asakura," she said, putting a small smile on her face. Best to act as naturally as possible unless questioned. Civilian voice, civilian friendliness, just as she had done all those many long years ago.

"You can all me Bernkastel. I moved in here just last week. I still have yet to enroll anywhere, and I was wandering around. I wanted to explore a little bit, and there seemed to be a lot of people here, so I tried stopping by earlier. But I ended up getting lost…" She wrung her hands for the extra effect. "But then you came along!"

She felt that old spring of her human life enter her again, the most comfortable mask to don. How nostalgic. 

Still, the fact that the Fragment had chosen to direct her to this Piece in particular was…intriguing. This must not be a normal Piece, no matter how mundane she seemed. Best to be on guard.

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Kaworu glanced around at his surroundings: elegant furniture reminiscent of Victorian style, large windows that arched towards the ceiling, finely polished flooring— it all looked like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, or some other nonsensical tale. Perhaps the Witch before him had refined tastes.

"I see. You are very wise then, Miss Witch. Very few recognize my kind, let alone know that I am a separate being altogether. But do you know how it is I stumbled upon your ‘humble home’? Stretches in time are no regular occurrence." 


His question was an easy one to answer. With a snap of her fingers, some of her kitties dove in and out of the shadows, and started to set the table before her for tea. “Quite simply, I invited you here,” she replied, tapping her nail on one of the china cups.

"You’ve spoken to my Shell, and piqued my interest. There aren’t many people who have been able to comprehend what she’s gone through-" what we both have, she held on her tongue. "-and so I invited you here. If I didn’t, this world would have been forever invisible to you, or anyone shackled to a single Cluster of Fragments."

She smoothly gestured to the chair across from her. “You seem like a free spirit, so let’s have a light tea. Some white peony should do. My kitties should be done with the pastries soon.”  

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni musicbox Red Disc 2
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"...Your assistance is needed."
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The Nuzlocke Fragment: Part 13

She’d gone through a whole field, nursed a dumb cow back to life, and after all of her Pokemon were sufficiently strong (minus the slacker Richebourg, who found it hard to put a dent into one of those flimsy magnets), she headed to the next town. 

Speaking of:

Solaia: Magnemite


She was about to enter the free health care center when out sprang a familiar head of red hair. “There’s no need to be on alert,” Silver said, whose words were much less convincing when he was hiding behind that green dinosaur of his. 

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An Evening of Wine



"I believe an evening of invitation is in order. Come, children of men, send me something interesting in my mailbox. I shall give all letters a response tonight. If you wish to appear before me in person, you may do so instead. I shall be armed with a bottle of my favorite vintage wine. I will accept gifts that come through as well, if you prefer such a method."

"Someone please talk to her or else she’s going to grab me and force me to entertain her instead."


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one more time

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inspiration for the witches of the wood

"magic enchants every creature of the ethereal forest, where the woodland witches reside. they use crystals & potions to work their whimsical ways. follow the path into the forest, and you may never leave their enchanting entrapment."

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