She seemed like an interesting, and perhaps delightful, girl. Her clothing certainly was enough to tell him she wasn’t from this island, nor was she from any other nation he knew. It was probably safe to assume she wasn’t a spy from the enemy kingdom. While that didn’t do much to ease his fears, he put on a mask and grinned widely.

"It doesn’t make much sense for a king to introduce himself to a foreigner, though, does it?" He shrugged, then held a hand to his chest and bowed before her. "My name is Vector, and I am the king of this land." He glanced up at her, eyes scanning her facial features. "What is your name, my dear?"

She quirked an eyebrow. A king? Well, that explained how he could get away with wearing that ridiculous amount of jewelry. Also explained the initial haughtiness; in all of the countless Fragments, it seemed like self-important rulers was a strong constant. 

Still, he had acquiesced to politeness, so she couldn’t chide him too much. She hid a small chuckle behind her bell sleeves- how long had it been since she’d been called ‘my dear’? Not since she’d accidentally wandered into the Sir’s old European Fragment and had to be tended to by the star Piece. How nostalgic.

Her feet touched the floor long enough for her to dip into a practiced curtsey. “A king, was it? Well then, allow me to introduce myself as well. I am Bernkastel, the Witch of Miracles. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”


This was it. He was staring down at the crystal as if beholding the rarest of wonders. Many things came to mind. Lost friends, his planet, those who he loved. With this he could at least reverse one of those things. It would be a small weight lifted from his already heavy shoulders. The burdens of his existence would never fully cease although this would forgive him of a single fault that had been tearing him apart for much time if he so wished it. Then again, as he continued to look and carefully grasped onto his tiny miracle, he felt wrong about it. 

And then his expression fell and he shut his eyes momentarily to consider the consequences of things being so easily resolved as that. “I don’t mean to offend…” he started quite hesitantly as he felt the small crystal increasing in metaphorical weight between his hands. “I don’t think I can accept this. After all, I think it would be wasted now that I’ve thought it over.” Meaning, it wouldn’t work. Not with someone such as him. He knew better than anyone that fate and the universe had a way of correcting things to the timelines as they were meant to. If he was to wish the prophecy to be dashed into stardust, just forgotten words with history, surely it would rise again somewhere down the line for him. And with a vengeance. This pain did not need to be multiplied.
“Anything that I’ve done or will do can’t be rearranged no matter how much I wish it. I’ve lived long enough to be a firm believer in that.”

She frowned. Yes, because of his words, but also the way his face feel. That was an expression she knew, one she had made countless times herself when she was still bound and helpless. She didn’t know anything about this man, but for him to refuse a miracle- a solid miracle- the universe must have truly been cruel to him. 

"That is, of course, if you wished to use it to change your past," she noted, "but of course, a miracle can also be used for the future. I don’t know what sort of Voyager," or even worse, a Creator, but she kept that on her tongue, "was cold enough to hurt you so, but my magic is legitimate. You won’t suffer a catastrophe as a backlash from creating a miracle itself, like the fate of those lesser magicians that try. So if you genuinely believe that you can’t change the past, then that’s for the best. But feel free to think for a while. It’s not like that miracle has an expiration date."

Besides, she didn’t feel right leaving someone who’d done so much for her uncompensated. She would usually just let off her guests with a handmade snack or a cup of tea brewed by her own hands, but for what he did, she couldn’t cheat him out of his prize. 

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Sometimes, she played this game with her lonesome self. When she didn’t have a particular destination, or section to observe for the Witch’s Senate, she’d throw herself into the waves of the Sea and just let herself drift. If she neared a Fragment, then she’d just let herself fall into it. 

The chance Fragment seemed a bit toned down. Pastel. Still, better explore it a bit, she thought, before she ended up bumping into a stranger. Curse her height, if only she was a little taller—

"Ah, hello there." This Piece didn’t look too boring. Maybe he knew of some tea shops, that would be even better.

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Vector took just one look at the woman before him and instantly shivered. What was it about this girl that made his body shake in fear? He was certainly afraid, but there’s no way he would let it show.

"Who are you? Are you lost?"

She had been hopping along Fragments in the uncharted zones of the Sea, but had lost her footing and fell into this one. She’d nearly made a fool of herself by crashing into a tree, but no witnesses meant it might as well have never happened. Once she’d recovered, she’d taken to flying around the small cities dotting the island, until this Piece caught her eye. 

Well, to be specific, just how gaudily dressed this Piece was managed to catch her attention. 

Who are you? You’re going to demand someone’s name without introducing yourself first? She giggled into her palm, her tail swishing with delight. “And no, I’m not lost. Just a traveller, wandering around to ease her boredom.”


The Angel of Free Will required no invitation; the freedom to come and go as he pleased was his to own— or at least, that was what he liked to believe. SEELE and NERV seemed to enjoy straining his purpose, mocking and mangling his identity and all that he saw himself to be. It was nothing short of annoying to say the least.


"How generous of you. I shall indulge, then."

Kaworu took his seat across from the Witch, watching with idle amusement as the tea party set itself before them. A lovely porcelain cup was offered to him by one of the attendants.

"And by Shell," he continued quietly, a smile curled at his lips, "I assume you refer to Furude Rika. It did strike me odd, really— you and her look nearly identical in appearance." 

"Correct," she said, swirling the leaves idly in the teapot before pouring the tea into both empty cups. "She and I used to be one being, until she broke out of that dreadful Logic Error forcing us to repeat those days over and over again."

She chewed on her tongue at the thought. No matter how many times she thought she could escape her own memories, they still battered at the dam of her self restraint. Just acknowledging it aloud made her want to howl in pain, but she kept a straight face, although some of the bitterness seeped into her eyes. 

"Rika didn’t need me anymore. She broke out, she won, she lived. And so, she cast me away, for once the tragedy is over, an archive isn’t needed. But you-" she raised her cup towards the Angel, "are still in the middle of your hell, aren’t you?"

One of her kitties scampered over with a silver tray and lifted the top off it to reveal the sweets below. “Would you like some castella cake?”


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Patchouli laughed, and began reciting from memory. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void.

She grinned. This was a… different take on the idea of creation and origin of the world. “It stands to reason that that would be the steepest path; it is not everyone that can become an omnipotent god, after all.

"On the other hand, Companions the creator seeks, not corpses, not herds and believers. Fellow creators the creator seeks - those who write new values on new tablets. And now that I’ve managed to quote both the Bible and Nietzsche in rapid succession, I should stop.”

She poured herself a new cup of tea.

"Everyone of consequence in Gensokyo has some sort of power or ability. Indeed, two new residents are actual gods, with the powers to create earth and sky, respectively. Yukari’s power is the manipulation of boundaries, and there are some interesting ones she can manipulate, such as that between life and death. It is not that much of a stretch for her to be able to manipulate the boundary between existence and nonexistence, which would make her a creator in her own right, even if the creation of Gensokyo did not."

She set the tea cup down, and her musing expression became serious.

"Having already made the comparison of a Creator to a god, and then compared Yukari to one, it then stands to reason that she is powerful enough to not have to worry about being overthrown and that everyone in Gensokyo knowing its nature is not all that great a concern to her. After all, it is foolish to challenge a god in her heaven.

"I suspect it goes further than that, though. Gensokyo exists because of the boundary she created to separate it from the outside world, the Hakurei Border, and she is the one who maintains that boundary even now. Were she somehow overthrown, her replacement wouldn’t be able to maintain the border, and would have to either give Yukari her position back or let Gensokyo collapse."

The mage grinned to herself again. She hadn’t given much thought to the nature of Yukari’s mastery of Gensokyo before now. There had been so much other knowledge to learn, and she had known what she needed to get in all those years ago. But thinking about it now… fascinating.

Indeed, Patchouli could take a bit of pride in managing to both annoy her and earn a measure of by coming to Gensokyo as she had. It spoke to her own abilities that Yukari had to take notice of them.

"Quite right you are, although at times, borrowing another’s words helps one’s own. So right in fact that the amount of people that have ascended to the unfathomable level of Creator Witches can only be counted on one hand. They all claim to get along well," she sighed, cricking her shoulders, "but that’s just an act. They can’t stand each other, which I suppose makes sense. They can destroy each other, or let time weather their forms away. Sounds like a dreary life, I’d never want to be something like that. But to each her own, I suppose."

Bernkastel leaned back, and listened to the fellow Witch recite her thoughts. It was charming, almost pleasant on the ear. Now she knew why that Auau loved listening to her mikos so much- at times, it was really lovely to hear someone smart figuring things out. While normally, Bernkastel would have started teasing the Piece with harsh facts, she felt like none of that now. Instead, she enjoyed the aroma of the tea and sampled another ispahan.

"A world within a world," she mused, crushing a raspberry between her teeth, "Your Game Master is smart, if your hypothesis is true. No matter what she does, she made her own world so that she doesn’t have to face the possibility of being usurped like those others that hold her position in countless other Fragments. I think I’m coming to like your home world more and more, Miss Patchouli. In that sense, I’ll give you a bit of applause for having unnerved your Game Master." She clapped her hands comedically together, but the expression on her face was of genuine respect.

"Just the act of budging your Game Master is a feat in itself. I don’t think you would want to be a Creator, but a Voyager, perhaps…" She left the thought lingering, and took a sip of her tea.

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Anonymous inquired:

Holy crap, thank you for the reply! I've just made a simple 2048 game version of the Umineko witches and there's another great 2048 game version of the Ushiromiya family!

[I’m glad you liked my thoughts!

I have to admit, I’m not really into 2048, but keep promoing it, since it seems to be all the rage nowadays.]

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Anonymous inquired:

Hey, Plum-sensei! I've got a question for you about the Witches that we have seen in the Umineko-verse. Isn't Battler one of the witches as he's a sorcerer like Kinzo was? Are there any other witches that I've missed? If you had to rank the witches we have seen, what would it be? I'm a little confused when it comes to ranking the Witches we've seen.

[Battler is a Witch, yes! As stated in Lambda’s TIP, ‘Witch’ is actually a gender neutral term, which is actually the case for the real word too! It’s just that the slant towards the term tends to involve females over males. 

Well, there are three distinct rankings of higher Witches: Creator, Voyager and Game Master. However, there are also those who don’t have any territory, and those who have lost their titles. So, with that in mind:

Creator: Featherine Augustus Aurora

Voyager: Bernkastel, Lambdadelta (both said to be equal in strength)


Game Master: Battler


Without Territory:

Virgilia (the former Endless Witch)

Maria (who is said to later become extremely powerful the moment she becomes a Creator Witch, though)

Eva-Beatrice (Successor to the title of Endless Witch, but not the Game Master)

Erika (strong because of her connection to Bernkastel, but not very strong on her own)

Kinzo/Goldsmith (who borrows his magic, said to have terrible potential for spells)

Hope that helps!]



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[Please, she’s always had her eye on your Riku. What can you do with mysterious unsociable Witches flitting around and observing, but she’s always been intrigued. A bit daunted by Riku’s niceness, since Bern is just very confused when it comes to genuinely good people. Yeah, we haven’t chatted in a while, but our thread was more than enough to make an impression on Bern, so you definitely deserve to be on the list, without a doubt!

Plus we have muns have followed each other for so long and nod in satisfaction at each other’s posts, so!]

My friends page (which had been long forgotten) has finally been updated!

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Boredom was her constant state of being at this point. She had allowed herself to be tossed by the waves of the Sea, sometimes taking refuge on a few scraps of seaweed as a temporary boat. At this rate, she was going to rust away. 

Or so she thought, until she felt a powerful jolt from a nearby Fragment. Her eyes widened as soon as she recognized that wavelength. This sort of energy- it could only be a Witch. 

She dove in, scattering herself through the atmosphere of the Fragment itself until she came across the source of that energy, a feline yawning into its paws. 

"You," she said, materializing before it, "don’t seem like a Witch. Or am I wrong?"

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emeraldsorcerer inquired:

I'd been considering reading Higanbana for quite a while now, but I think reading your post sent me over the edge and I'm gonna get into it pretty soon. That said, while I like the visual novel medium more than manga personally, I wanted to ask your opinion on which is better in Higanbana's case. I might stretch for the manga version if the visual novel version is really really awful or something like that.

There is no ‘better’. I don’t think that one can be really picked over the other. The VN gives a more complete story, but the manga picks up on that and adds important details to both the story and characters. 

However, there are some things to be said about the manga. One, it’s not complete in english. Two, since the artist died, not all of the chapters in the VN were able to be completed in manga form, so they kind of skipped all the way to the last chapter of the VN. So! That being said, I think you should read the VN first, and then the manga. 


cruelest witch in the world.

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